[VIDEO] What is HTML5?

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Well, it's a lot more than HTML language - it is the synchronization of ALL desktop and mobile browsers!

In common tongue: one STANDARD to rule them all! :)

The goal of HTML is to create standard and consistent web expirience (browsing) across all devices and browsers. Whateaver you are on desktop computer, notebook, tablet, mobile phone, regardles what browser does your devices is using - EXPERIENCE is the same!

Developing in HTML5? Test your client's browser!

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If you are beginner or even advanced developer in HTML5, this article is MUST READ for you!

IMAGINE yourself developing some super-cool HTML5 web application where you spend weeks or even months in development, and then you figure some cool feature in HTML5 and you integrate it!

Everything works perfect, until you find out, that this feature is not supported by some browser(s). Problem gets whole lot bigger when you find out that nearly 20% of your user uses that browser(s)!