Building your own custom web application gives you comfort and ease in your daily work, for you and your employees. It also guarantees you the ability to modify and upgrade your application in anyway and anytime it suits you.

Doing so, you keep your software infrastructure up to date with all your business process. It also maximizes performance of your team and employees, because you give them the right tool to be more effective and satisfied.

What solution is right for me?

You must know your needs and your final goal. You also need to make deep analysis of your business process to know which solution suits you best. In business, everyone has it's own specific needs and ways of work.

Your needs and final goal will dictate which direction is right for you.

Out-of-The-Box applications

BEFORE building your own solution, try searching for already known web applications in specific areas of business. For example, if you need:

  • CRM application - try Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM and others
  • Web site with CMS - try Wordpress, Drupal, etc...
  • TO-DO application - try Google Keep,, Wunderlist, Todoist (my favorite!)...
  • Business E-mail service - try Google Apps for Work...

As you can see, in some cases, there is no need to build solutions from scratch.

Try searching for these services that can suite you, because they can save your time and money!

CUSTOM web application

Building custom web application has it's own advantages. The most important are:

1. You OWN the software

It's yours! And with that fact, you can transform it in any way you like.

2. ONE-TIME investment

No monthly/annually subscriptions for all your employees through the years!
The biger the organization or company, chances are that custom solution is the right solution for you!

3. It's fully CUSTOMIZABLE

You need to insert NEW TYPE of data? You need to SEARCH and filter data by your needs? You need custom analytic REPORTS? What about whole NEW business PROCESS that combines all 3 thing above?

You CAN'T do that with Out-of-The-Box app's.
But, with custom application, there are NO limitations and you can do it ALL.

4. IMPORT old data

History can be your guide to the future decisions. Don't leave old data behind or underestimate it. Data analysis of previous business is one of the keys to success.

Applications are not here only for write and read data. They are here to guide you and alert you about new problems in your process.

5. SELL it

If your program solves problems in your company, or even in your niche, why not sell it?
In this way, the entire initial investment can come back twice: first by improving your efficiency by using application and second by monetize it once again.

If you have any questions regarding decisions like that, feel free to contact me.