Today's web technologies are more advanced than they have ever been, and they have so much to offer to your business. Make the most of these advantages by using them!

Some of the most important advantages of web applications over desktop applications are:

1. Online 24/7 - from home or work

Location and time

Wherever you are at work, late at home, or on vacation on the beach, web applications are accessible from every place. They are imagined to run on servers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Use these basic features to access and manage your business everywhere, anytime.

2. Supported on tablet, mobile, PC...

Runs on any device

Whetever you use your PC at work, tablet at home, or mobile phone on the sunny beach, responsive web applications bring you the unified logic and UI (user interface) on every device. If one employee want's to use tablet - NO problem. Responsive web application gives you that possibility to use it on any device that has browser.

Any operating systems

There is no difference if half of your company runs Windows while the other one uses Mac. Web application runs the same on all operating systems, because they are OS independent, and they run in browser. Use whatever operating system suits you. Windows, Mac, Ubuntu... your choice! For web applications that is irrelevant.

3. UI is fully customizable

Web application's UI (user interface) can be fully customized for your needs and wishes.

By hiring a web designer you can transform you business web application in accordance with your unique visual identity or any other you want. Inspire it with your unique visual style, because through them you comunicate with your colleagues and clients.

Give them great and unforgettable UX (user experience)!

4. Easy maintenance

Imagine you have company with 40 employees.

Installing desktop aplications on ALL 40 computers, and we are talking only about PC's that have SAME Windows version (!) is an extensive work. Excluding specific problems that individual computers can (will) have! Same thing is with upgrading the same application to newer version.

Less maintenance hours = less expenses!

5. Future

What the future holds, no one knows for sure. But, the present can already tell us the glimpse what the future brings to us, and the present is following:

  • devices - PC, mobile, tablet, smart TV's... future?
  • operating systems - Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, Windows Phone... future?
  • place of work - company, home, on vacations (boats, beaches, mountains)...
  • time of work - 08-16, 0-24...

Choosing web application, gives your business the stability when talking about information technologies and information infrastructure.